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Last incident: 20 Apr 2022 17:00 UTC

Past Incidents

Misconfigured Load Balancer

2022 Apr 20 5:00 PM

Today at 5:00pm we migrated the infrastructure behind the UGRC API by updating the DNS to point to new infrastructure. This migration contained a misconfiguration in a load balancer that affected some API keys authorization; Specifically API keys using the Desktop Application style.

We will schedule this migration for a later date. Since we will no longer offer http traffic, an email communication explaining that all requests will require https and the date for when the change will be coming soon.


The migration was rolled back with a DNS change routing requests to the original system.

2022 Apr 21 11:34 AM

Certificate issues

The hosting group modified the certificate on the new load balancer to test the misconfiguration. This caused clients who had not had successful DNS propagating to receive insecure https warnings.

2022 Apr 21 11:56 AM


The correct certificate was placed back on the load balancer while the DNS finished propagating.

2022 Apr 21 12:23 PM

Partial outage

Affected Systems: web api

UDOT LRS Connectivity issues

2022 Mar 03 9:39 AM

The upstream service the web api uses for route and milepost information is having database connectivity issues. UDOT has been notified and is working to correct the issue.

Update Database connectivity has been restored.

2022 Mar 03 11:36 AM

Partial outage

Affected Systems: web api

web api machine not responding to requests

2022 Feb 18 3:04 PM

The web api machine is not responding to requests and we are not able to connect to it at the moment due to some issues with the domain. Hosting has been notified and is working on resolving the connection issue.

Update: Hosting added the machine back into the domain and after a restart everything is operating normally.

2022 Feb 18 3:31 PM

Major outage

Affected Systems: web api

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